Friday, May 17, 2013

Trade Me (Almost) Anything: Atlanta Braves

Hey everybody,

The Dodgers begin a road trip today out east and kick it off with 3 games against the Braves. 

Those of you who have been following this series of trade bait know that I've been offering up blocks of cards grouped by teams expecting to ship off the whole enchilada to anyone who wants them.

However, after reading Bert's review from a Swing And A Pop Up , I got to thinking, while this concept might be a pretty good treat for team collectors, I didn't really consider set or player collectors might not want ALL those cards.

So I just want to let everyone know that if you want only one or two cards from the post, simply mention it and I'll be happy to send out singles. Speaking of cards, here come the Braves...

How about a Glavine RC?

Here's a blue mirror Lineage parallel.

The real Home Run King.

Hey old time Braves fans.  Remember this guy?

A couple of great youngsters on this one.

Yet even more good early stuff. 

THANKS for reading everybody!


  1. Shoot me an email and your address, captain.

  2. I thought I had your email, but I don't....

    mine is volleygod67 AT gmail DOT com