Monday, May 20, 2013

Trade Me almost Anything: Mil-Walk-EEE Brewers (Our New Masters)

Hey everybody,

Despite the Dodgers having yet another outrageously bad weekend, mine was pretty darn good. 
The highlight was meeting up with a few of my fellow bloggers at the card show on Saturday. 

Last week I wrote about Clayton Kershaw being an almost guaranteed winner every time he takes the mound.  However, with what this year's Dodger squad has devolved into, I now feel the only way Kershaw wins tonight against the Brewers will be to pitch a perfect game....

...and even then, we might end up being tied 0-0 at the end of 9, and (insert burned-out Kenley Jensen or just plain burn-out Brandon League's name here) will come in and immediately give up a walk off homer in the 10th.  It would not surprise me in the least.  *sigh*

On a positive comes Brewers trade bait for ya!

Here's how it works In each post I'll offer cards from one particular ballclub.  I'm starting the offer at 9 cards, since 9 is what fits onto my scanner plate, and I can comfortably shoot 9 cards to you in a PWE. 

What do I want in return?  I'll accept whatever and however many cards you want to shoot back. It doesn't have to be 9 cards in return and they don't have to be all Dodgers.  My only request is you check out my "What I collect" or "Sets I'm chasing" pages here and use them as guides.

Once again, you don't have to match me for numbers of cards or perceived monetary value.  Say I send you 9 cards and you send me 1insert or vintage card.  Cool!

The intent here is simply to  TRADE, BABY, TRADE!


 THANKS for stopping by, everybody!

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