Thursday, March 10, 2016

Finally, I Scored Some "H"

Aloha, everybody,

Last week I struck out in my hunt for 2016 Heritage. Today I was out and about and stopped in to Walmart looking for some "H". 

 Ok, let's get to ripping and see what's in there. My first card of the year is an Angel...

 Then I pulled one of those discs.

I was about seven cards into the pack when I finally found a Dodger - a pretty good one...

Right behind A-Gon I found another Dodger....

 Waitaminute...that's not a Dodger. That's an airbrushed mercenary. 

Anything else in the pack? Just a whole lotta trade package action for all of you. 

I bought some insurance just in case the Heritage pack was lacking, in the form of a discounted rack pack of Topps 2014 - for two reasons. Of course, the first was the discount. Secondly, the front of the package reminded me of the Babe Ruth Story inserts. 

I love Babe Ruth cards, so that was enticing. I also remembered good ol' Night Owl has been looking for one last Babe Ruth Story insert to complete his set. Maybe this pack contained that final card.

It was a semi-hot pack, and included a few inserts. If anyone is chasing these, I hope I pulled an insert you need...

 While I didn't get the BRS card that Night Owl needs, I did catch one...

 Can't go wrong with pulling any Babe Ruth card, and it's extra cool when he's featured as a Red Sock. 

Not a bad haul for a quick hit and run at the hobby card rack. 

UPDATE: Oops, I just checked N.O.'s site and it was Jackie Robinson story inserts he's been chasing! Doh! 
 No wonder I didn't find what he needed. 



  1. Whats with all the Angels top cards for you lately? Seems to be working out well. Nice pulls BTW.

    1. LOL Your pile is growing buddy. Almost time to launch another package at ya.

  2. Replies
    1. All yours, Tony. Your care package is almost ready to go too.

  3. I spy with my little eye, a 2016 Topps Heritage Yankees Rookie Stars card of Greg Bird and James Pazos. If you wanted to move it, I know a guy who might want it (me lol) ;).

    1. Good eye,ZZ. It's yours, and a few other Yanks I've got here.

  4. Geez, man, why would I be looking to complete a Yankee insert set?

    1. You're right, N.O. I must have been thinking with my filters on, as opposed to yours. I don't think of Ruth as a Yankee, just a baseball icon.
      As they say, it's the thought that counts, right?

  5. Nice lookin Ruth. Zippy you gotta good eye

    1. Yeh, I dig that Ruth. The packs this year are packing lots of Yankees, Angels and way too many Giants.