Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Dodgers From a Dodger Lover to Another Dodger Lover

Aloha, everybody,

I'm sure you all remember GCRL Jim. Did you know he can now be found at Frankendodger

Good ol' Jim is the master of dissecting Dodger cardboard. He'll tell you all about the sets they came on, the stories behind the photos, and the player, in glorious detail. 

I recently received a fistful of Dodger cards from Jim, and here are the highlights...

I usually start off these posts with modern cardboard, but when Dodgers fans/collectors/writers swap cardboard, I firmly believe it's the old cards - the vintage, that really gets our Dodger blue blood up and running. 

Jim took a swing at my Dodgers team set wish lists and hit them solidly. Every one of the cards in today's post knocked one more into my "Have it" list. 

How about 1962 Topps Dodgers...

 Pete Richert only pitched for the Dodgers for a couple of years. The young southpaw set a record by striking out the first six batters he faced, and by recording a four-strike out inning on his debut.

 Johnny Rosenoro is most famous for getting his hair parted by Giants pitcher Juan Marichal with a baseball bat. Roseboro took one to the noggin while trying to save Sandy Koufax from that bat in one of the most infamous moments in the Dodgers/Giants rivalry. 

Jim chipped one more from the '65 Topps list...

The '70 Topps list...

The 1971 Topps list...

The two cards below and the team card that led off for this post are all from the 1978 Topps set...

Finally today, "Happy" Hooten from 1979 Topps, which now drops me to only needing two more '79s for completion. 

This lineup of nine was a great leap forward in my hunt for vintage Dodgers cardboard. What a sweet lot. 

And those are just the first half of the package. In Part 2, we'll check out the modern stuff.


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