Sunday, June 12, 2016

Gettin' Zippy Zapped is Always a Good Thang (Part 2)

Aloha, everybody, 

Happy Sunday morning to y'all. We're waking up here in LA, still tasting the bitter ashes of last night's walk-off defeat at the hands of the hated Giants. 

The Dodgers will send their new teenage arm to the mound, and it should be a good one. Until then, let's look at some more of that cardboard goodness that ZZ sent my way...

I'm a big fan of the southpaw, Ryu, but unfortunately, he's been on the DL all year. He's on a rehab stint this week, so I hope he'll do well and bolster the Dodgers' shaky starting rotation. 

I haven't completed the team cards from this year's Topps vape set, so this one was needed.  
Speaking of pitchers coming off the DL, young De Leon just returned and hurled three perfect innings, with six strike outs. That was a big "Whew!" to those of us who were worried about his return. 

Look for this guy to be coming up soon (?) to the big club. 

 Raffi was a big favorite in my house back in his playing days; we even felt a little sad here when he recently retired from baseball. 

I've been trying, but can't recall why the Dodgers wore those red caps.
 Pitching prospect Richy was part of the trade with Philadelphia for Chase Utley. He's on their AA squad, with a 2-2 record and an ERA of 6. Thanks Richy, for helping to bring Utley to LA. 

Here come two more team cards to help me fill out my 2016 Dodgers set...

 JT has been fighting a season-long slump, and the worst part of it was manager Dave Roberts' insistence on batting Turner in the 2 or 3 spot, despite his being a rally killer. 

It got to the point where I named him the Red Albatross over on the Dodgers site I write for. Maybe it was a good thing, because the day after I wrote the Red Albatross story, he hit a game-winning home run, and has been breaking out of his slump against the Giants.

 Coming up is my first card from...

 Thompson here is showing some great promise, and quickly went from bench player to starter - mostly on the power of a big bat. I'm digging this kid very much, and very happy to have his card. 

That's Part 2 of the ZZ package, but stay tuned, because the final installment will contain the Dodger Blue vintage he sent my way. 



  1. I didn't know Thompson would be so good. Mostly because he was the best prospect in a weak White Sox farm system for a long time.

    1. He's really blossomed as a Dodger. In a very short time he already has 1o homers.

  2. Replies
    1. You got that right, Matt. A binder page would look good with cards from Trayce, his brother, and his father.