Sunday, June 19, 2016

Wha??? The Hated Ones, Here?? It's All For Dad

Aloha everybody, 

Happy Father's Day to all my fellow dads out there. Now, about these Giants...

My earliest memories of baseball are sitting with my father, watching the old-time Dodgers vs Giants games live from Candlestick Park on our black and white TV. 

The crazy thing was, my father was a gung-ho Giants fan. He hated the Dodgers. None of that Giants love trickled down to me, but there is plenty of nostalgia (and the great memories of dad) there. 

So, in honor of Father's Day, ATBATT is all about the Giants...

 The greatest Giant of all...but they say...not a nice person to the fans.

I don't recall ever seeing him pitch, but according to his career years, I'm sure I did. I was probably too busy booing. 
 I always respected Williams as a player, and hated to see him bat against the Dodgers.

 A shiny beauty from a set I'm casually chasing. 

 You're nobody if they don't name a cove after you.

 This one's a reprint, of course.

Happy Father's day, dad. Those were for you. 


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