Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Zippy Zappings come in Vintage As Well

Aloha, everybody, 

Here's  the final installment of cards that came in the awesome package that Zippy Zappy sent to me.

When ZZ wrote his post about the cards I sent to him, he joked that I probably send him so many cards because I just want to keep him in cardboard debt to me. 

After this Zippy Zapping, I owe ZZ big time!

He chipped off another chunk from my chase for the 1974 Topps Dodgers...

The immortal Tommy John. Sure, half the pitchers on your team have had the surgery named after him, but I was lucky enough to grow up watching him pitch. Ol' TJ was probably my first favorite southpaw pitcher, as Sandy Koufax was before my time. 

Here's Billy Buck showing how to NOT field a grounder. Sloppy in Spring Training leads to sloppy in the World Series. Right, Bucky? 

I don't remember too much about Ken McMullen. I suspect not too many other people do, as well. 

Good ol' Fergie, who I used as a trivia question to stump Stu Nahan in a radio contest and win breakfast at home plate with Tommy Lasorda on Opening Day.

 Looks like Joshua is nursing a sore wrist. 

 Loving this Walter Alston card. He was the first Dodger manager in my life, and I can't have too many cards of the skipper. 

Speaking of skippers...

"Look ma, no toothpick."

 Here's one that Matt might appreciate...or dislike???

 I don't know how I missed adding the following card to the previous posts that featured younger players, but luckily I noticed it still sitting in my scans folder, and here it is, better late than never...

 2013 Bowman Sterling Prospect Chris Anderson Auto! 

Anderson is a two million dollar bonus baby, who is now pitching for my local Rancho Cucamonga branch in the Dodgers' minors. 

Finally, a card that traveled - apparently by accident - to ZZ when I put together my previous package for him.

Welcome home, Nomar. 

And THANKS for all these great cards, ZZ. I had a blast opening the package, and adding them to their various new places in binders and team sets. Now I'm in cardboard debt to you.



  1. Tommy John - a name that once struck fear in the hearts of batters across the league now strikes that same fear in the hearts of the pitchers.

  2. These aren't T206 Superbas/TrolleyDodgers but I'm glad these were able to make a dent in your vintage wantlists.