Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Fun-at-a-Time Book Chain Part Dos

Aloha, everybody,

Time to follow up with my part of the Book Chain that Matthew, from Summer of 74 blog started up. I picked up Mint Condition from Matthew, and now I'm offering up a book for someone else to read. 

Here's how the book chain will work, ATBATT style. Below are a few books which I offer up to you, dear reader. However, choose just one. 

In return, all we (of the Book Chain) ask, is that you simply offer a book to the next reader in the chain. Pretty simple, right? Let's get to the offerings: 

There was a time that I was big on reading baseball biographies.  Let's lead off with a few...

There was also a time that I picked up most of my reading material from used book stores and library sales. A couple of these once belonged to the local library. 

Some of the best things about these old books are the photos inside. 

Here's an LA Ram bio. Seems football players need ghost-writers also...

Next up is my favorite athlete bio of the bunch. 

On to the non-bios. Of course, The Boys of Summer would be in my library. Although, it's a roundabout bio, of the World Champeen Brooklyn Dodgers. 

Men At Work was a surprise gem. 

In it, Will lays out the thought processes and methods of the men who made baseball history and lore, mostly in their own words. He explores the manager, the pitchers, the defense, and the offense. 

One of my favorite parts was Orel Hershiser telling us what he experienced in the Dodgers' run to the 1988 World Series, and his record-breaking scoreless innings streak along the way. 

And now, for something completely different...

Finally, the book that started it all...

If you want to read this one, I'll be happy to pass it on, but I ask you to indulge me, and give me a little time to finish reading it. It can be a fast read for someone with the time, but I suspect it will take me a few weeks. 

How do you get one of these books? Just comment below - and add the book you would like if you should win. I would appreciate a brief mention on your blogs or the twitters. Let's spread some book love, right? 

 I'll set a deadline of midnight Friday PST. Then I'll randomize the names (hopefully, there's more than one person interested) and the winner gets the book he or she chose. 

Easy as reading. 



  1. Some interesting books there. I have a pile I picked up recently. I'll be passing them on as well after there read

  2. I'd totally get in on this, but my reading list is getting longer and longer by the day. I have read three of those you've offered and my favorite is "Men at Work." There was a time I thought George Will would have made an excellent commissioner for baseball.

    1. I had the same thought about Will as commissioner. He could have been good. He respects the game more than profit potential.

  3. I think this a good idea for the blogs, and I have been wanting to read "Mint Condition", but all my books are currently packed in boxes (and will be for the next 2-3 months)-- so I can't really throw my name in the hat right now. It seems like the blogger book club would have for success during the winter, as opposed to the summer when folks want to be out doing things.

    1. I like your idea for a revisit in the offseason!

  4. I would love to do this as well, but my reading list just gets longer and longer everyday. And that is just one list for reading, and that is my list for the library. Just today, I put six baseball books on my list to pick up this next week. My other list includes all the books in my personal collection. To me, there are not enough hours in a day to read as much as I do. Books and sports cards are my two addictions in my life!

    1. You and me both. I don't usually add new books, becausemy "reread" list is too long.