Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ripping Some Sunday Packs from the BFG

Aloha, everybody, 

As you may remember, good ol' Wes sent over a big ol' box of assorted goodies to me from his Big Fun Game. 

There was sooo much good stuff in there, I still haven't finished ripping all the packs that he sent me. I've been holding them on the side just for an occasion like this. 

Let's rip a couple, shall we...

Let's lead off with 1988 Score - because these cards are "photo quality"!

These will work. A nice Molitor with a dirtied up uniform and a member of the Big Red Machine with big red stirrups. 

Here's a 3-D card that is spposed to commemorate Yaz's role as a hero in the 1967 pennant race.  

It turns out this card's claim to fame is to be an error card. Note the sentence on the back that has the Tigers playing in two stadiums at the same time (it should read, "the Twins were at Fenway"). 

I always love to pull a World Series hero, Joe Carter card...

The blue overtones and shadows make this a very attractive card...

Now the DonRuss pack...

We get a sentimental favorite and a Dodgers cuppa coffee man...

Yount is always a good pull...

We close with this simple puzzle piece. There's not much here but a fragment, just a bat and the top of a cap...but it's the perfect design. It would make a great wall painting. Doncha think? 

Thanks Wes, this is a prize that is still giving! 

Aloha and happy Sunday! 


  1. The 1990 Donruss was great looking though I did not like design of cards

    1. They chose some nice photos. Agreed on the unattractive design.