Saturday, July 22, 2017

Never Judge a Trading Partner by the Cover of his Blog

Aloha, everybody, 

I first became aware of Paul's TTM Autograph blog back in April. I spotted a Pee Wee Reese relic card on Paul's blog, and we quickly put together a one for one swap; he got a Jim Thome batting helmet card from me. 

I thought that was going to be a one and done trade for us, because I presumed Paul was only interested in higher end cards. You know, autographs and such. I could not have been more wrong, as Paul and I have quickly become regular trade partners. The kind that you just set a pile of cards aside for, and then ship them out when the pile is high enough. 

Paul recently came across an awesome $5 box-o-cards at a garage sale and he generously decided to share the wealth with little ol' me. Here are some select highlights...

Leading off is some vintage that chipped away at my team sets chase. 

Awesome! Pedro Guurrero RC!! Bonus: Rudy Law and some scrub. 

More from one of my favorite "ones who got away". I've officially got enough Konerko prospect and RCs to start chasing more...

Viva Puig! Viva ridiculous weather map backgrounds! 

Mas Nomo? Hai! 

These cool 3-D die cuts on Paul's blog got these trade talks going...

 I casually mentioned in the comments that I liked this Big Hurt photo, and Paul included it! 

 How about this? My first Davey Lopes relic, on a well-designed card...

And my first Paul Lo Duca auto...

This Topps Chrome Campy is absolutely beautiful in hand...(my scanner lopped off the bottom of it) 

Also beautiful is this 2007 Turkey Red refractor numbered 66/999
The colors in the sky are stunning.

Paul sent these sweet 2015 GQ Fernando minis to me in a PWE earlier...

This is the backside of its companion mini, numbered 95/199

Those are just a few of the many, many cool cards Paul sent my way. Now let's check out my card favorite of all...

1997 Dennys 3-D Jackie Robinson. Why is this my fave? First, Jackie. Next, the card designers chose an awesome, rarely used photo of an older Jackie (note the grey hair) in a play at the plate. That looks like a Cub patch on the catchers uni. Third, the 3-D effect is clear and true. The catcher's mitt really appears to be below Jackie. This card has quickly become one of my favorite Jackies in my collection. 

THANKS for the great new cards, Paul. I'm off to find a lucky yard sale! 



  1. nice selection of cardboard! i love the oddly shaped die cuts too. very fun!