Wednesday, July 26, 2017

It'll Take Two Nights of Posts for This Buncha Cards from Night Owl

Aloha, everybody, 

We've all got our favorite trading partners, and the dean of our community, Sir Night Owl, is obviously one of mine. We both share a collecting passion for the same team, and our Dodgers have their ever-lovin' mugs on a lot of product, so that often makes our trades chock-a-block-fulla-stuff. That's exactly how I would describe this little ol' box of goodness that came to my way from N.Y. 

How's that for a fun bunch of cardboard to sift through? And it was definitely fun. Obviously, you don't want to see all of these cards, but there are so many great ones in here, that I'm pretty sure it's going to take two posts for me just to show the best ones off. 

So let's go...

First up is a new addition ( 2002 Upper Deck) for my Shawn Green PC. I'm digging the lineup nostalgia on the left. Check out the leadoff batter: Dave Roberts, now the manager. 

Next up are a couple from today's top Dodgers prospects. I'm very happy to receive my first Willie Calhoun, whom I'm hoping the Dodgers don't trade away this week. 

I collected Score '95, but I don't think I ever pulled one of these Artist's Proofs. I checked around, but couldn't find any info on how limited these are. That doesn't matter beyond info that helps me know about my card, as I love these proof cards regardless. 

 I remarked in a recent post that I'll be actively collecting early Konerko Dodgers cards, but ol' Night Owl took it to another level. You want early? How about a minor league (now defunct) Albuquerue Dukes card...

The scan is pretty dark, but I had to include this awesome mirror-finish Bowman which features Eric Young admiring a hit while standing before some kind of atrocious Gaza Strip-looking apartment building. 

The 90's gave us much more than gigantor-sized athletes playing among tiny citiscapes, They also loved to use....die-cut tech!

Leaf Studio was never at the top of my list for purchases, but this Ramon Martinez card is a beaut. 

Can't have too much Bulldog! This is actually a Fleer design I like. 

My eyes opened and jaw dropped when I gazed upon this cardboard gem from Topps Gallery. (lurking Wrigley)

That's it for today. Stay tuned for Part Two of the Buncha Cards from Night Owl, featuring tribute cards, more 90's goodness, Jackie and viiiiiiiiinnnntaaaaaaage !

THANKS, buddy. Aloha! 


  1. You're welcome! The horrible thought of Willie Calhoun being traded was alleviated by your humorous "atrocious Gaza Strip-looking apartment building" line.

    1. So far Calhoun is still with the team! Fingers crossed.
      Glad you caught my joke.

  2. 90's cards are just a wonderful mess. I love them.

  3. I'm growing to appreciate them more these days