Sunday, September 3, 2017

A Penny Sleeve Can't Hold Back This Cardboard's Coolness

Aloha, everybody, 

I recently received a package from Jon, my friend and the man behind A Penny Sleeve for Your Thoughts

I love reading Jon's blog posts. Everyone in our community has a different writing style, and I just happen to connect with how Jon writes. The bonus is our occasional blind trades. Nothing set up formally, just a fistful of cards flying from one collector to another. That's simple cardboard goodness, and this batch did not disappoint. 

First up is an interesting specimen that has me scratching my head.
Take a look and see if you notice anything different about this card... 

The card itself is of a highly diggable nature. What's not to love? Steve Garvey, rare fielding photo, and a jersey patch. All cherished checkmarks. 

But...did you notice the swatch? It's black. The Dodgers don't have any black in their uniforms, so why is the swatch black? The back of the card doesn't give me any hints, but closer inspection of the photo gives me a very big clue. 

Garvey is wearing a black tribute patch to number 19, Brooklyn Dodgers great, Jim Gilliam. The texture of the swatch itself feels a bit rough, like a patch might. Is this a swatch from Garvey's sleeve patch ?!?!?!?!? Dare I believe so???? What do you guys think? Any ideas from GCRL or Sir Night Owl?  

Moving on. Some of you may know Al Downing as the guy who gave up home run 715 to Hank Aaron. In fact, that's what the Memorable Moment for this card is...

Jon dropped a few 2017 Topps Archives on me. Cool! 

Here's a nice surprise. Jon knocked a solid base hit with this Larry Doby inclusion...

How many times have I said it? Gimme all your Piazzas. Please. 
High tops alert...

I don't know how many times I've had this card and traded it away or sold it. It's returned to me once again. Must be fate. I think I'll keep this one. 

Don't you love when trade partners remember who you collect, or check your wish lists to ensure they include some stuff right in your collecting wheelhouse? Jon does this...

I collect defunct teams, and one of my favorites is the Washington Senators. This Gil Coan card is a beauty. A bit flawed because of the fold crease, but otherwise, a beauty. What a photo! Plenty of the classic checkmarks found in 50's cardboard. 

Flip it over and there's even more goodness. It seems Coan had such a terrible 1952 campaign (the Topps writers called it a "slump year") that they totally ignored '52 and reminded us 1950 and '51 were much better for ol' Gil. 

Finally, Jon dropped in a couple of sweet items for my Raiders collection. Biletnikoff!!

Shiny Archives and below, numbered 1090 of 1099. The next best to the first ten numbers, is within the last ten. Cool! 

THANKS for the great cards, Jon. Your pile is almost ready to send out from here. 



  1. Jon is very generous, and a great writer as well. This was a nice group of cards - 53 Bowman Color is fantastic in any condition. And the Garvey is pretty sweet! If it is from the Gilliam patch that would be pretty impressive (since the patch itself isnt big enough to yield more than a few swatches) I just grabbed a Gilliam 59 Topps on COMC - apparently he lived in the NJ town next to mine.

    1. Yup, those Bowmans are awesome, crease or no crease.

  2. Thanks for all the kind words, Oscar (and Chris)! I'm glad to see that everything went over so well. Normally I wouldn't send something with a big ol' crease in it, but I figured that an exception could be made for that Gil Coan. And if you ever pick up a better copy, it shouldn't be too hard to find someone to pass this one on too.

    It's funny too, I didn't put any thought into why that swatch was black, but now that you brought it too my attention, I'm kind of curious as to why it is.

  3. I fear that the jersey bit is actually dark brown instead of black and therefore from a uniform from his days with the Padres. That was my first instinct when I saw it because I have a different Upper Deck relic card of Garvey in a Dodger uni but with a brown bit of cloth, and the back notes the jersey is actually a Padres jersey. (UD liked to do that weirdness). But I like your suspicion better!

    1. Hmmm...that is a bit of cold water to the face. I checked all the text on the card and didn't see any mention of a Padres jersey (for what that's worth).
      Grabbed a magnifying glass and checked...could be very dark brown or slight faded black. Again, nothing definite.
      I think I'll stick with my Gilliam patch theory until better evidence arises.

  4. i like your patch theory - and love those Piazzas!