Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Dodgers' Season may be Cracked, but Julie is a Solid Trader

Aloha, everybody, 

Back when the baseball season opened, I sent out packages and PWEs to my blogger and collector buddies. I sent some stuff out to Julie from A Cracked Bat, and she recently sent a lot more than "some stuff" to me. 

As you can see, she packed the cards with the intent that I open the packets in a particular order. I anticipated a build up from "ordinary" cards to a big payoff at the end, but I gotta say, there was so much good stuff in here, hardly anything was ordinary to me. 

I present Exhibit A: 

This was the first card from packet #1, but this is definitely a goodie. Let me count the ways: 

Post oddball
Young EK
Tight baseball pants with stirrups era 
Bonus: Houston Astros in background sporting the tequila sunrise stripes. I'm guessing on that one. Looking for confirmation or correction. 

Here's something I never thought I would see...

Very cool! This schedule is from the Dodgers' AAA team in OKC. Checking the promotions, I see they had a bobblehead giveaway night. Who was it? Clayton Kershaw. 

No logos? No problem. I dig this Puig!

Here's a Bazooka Butler in what looks like a spring training game...

 Julie knows, Gimme some Podres! All new, all beautiful. 

This Spectrum has a magnificent shiny sheen as you tilt it side to side. 

Bonus: Numbered 91/150! 

Here's a new Lasorda card, with a Tim Crews death patch on his sleeve. 

I'm trying, but I can't place those faces behind Tommy. Is it someone I should know? Is it that bum, Frank McCourt? Coach Al Davis? Heck if I know. 

I always vote yes on a card with a cute Korean girl...

A pair of very nice Maedas...

More shiny beauty. This time from Brooklyn...

Julie included a few groups of cards from the same sets. Here's one example from the golden 1952 World Series reprints...

That might have been enough for some traders, but not for Julie. Nope, she went the extra 60 feet, six inches...

More Lasorda goodness, and for the grande finale, a numbered 69/125 auto...

Man, what a package that was! THANKS, Julie. My collection just jumped up a notch. Whew! 



  1. I like how her packages have a specified order in which they are to be opened. That Maeda Inception sure is an attractive card. And am I the only one who doesn't know who this Suzy is?

    1. I didn't know who Suzy is either. Turns out she's a Korean pop singer. She threw the first pitch to Hyun-Jin Ryu.

  2. Julie has been packing some envelopes with a punch of late!

  3. Archives Reserve is pretty much my favorite Reprint set ever.

  4. wow! so happy you loved the cards! Yes, I'm slowly making the rounds. Packages are going out in batches. Aloha!!