Thursday, September 14, 2017

Been a While Since I was in a Group Break. How'd I do?

Aloha, everybody, 

A few weeks ago Colbey from Cardboard Collections ran an affordable group break. I used to jump into these all the time, but I've been away from that game for a couple of years. 

I noticed Colbey's break really was affordable - just $12 got you two teams, one you chose and one random, plus postage. He was cracking two boxes - 2004 Fleer Focus Jersey Edition and 2005 Fleer Showcase. I didn't have any Dodgers from those products, so I checked, and the Dodgers slot was still open. BANG! I was in. 

My original random team was the Indians, but you random teams were open for trading. I noticed the Brewers were being dangled for a trade, and hadn't sent anything out to my buddy Tony for a while, so I made the swap, the Tribe for the Brew Crew. Let's check out the cards I caught. 

We'll start off with the big card, at least in terms of not being base.

It's still not so rare of an insert, just a 1:5 pull. That said, it's Adrian Beltre, so that's good in my book. 

I caught another couple of base cards to go along with that one. 

I wish I hit more than two, because I like the looks of this base product. 

No inserts from Fleer Focus, but I got more base cards....

 Not loving this design, though. I prefer less lines running around the sides. With that much linear distraction, why add to things with a giant product logo eating right in the already compromised photo? 

Another question is - why the radioactive glow coming off the player? Are these those "aura" photos? 

My favorite of this bunch is Paulie LoDuca blowing a bubble as he trots off (or on?) the field. 

On to Tony's loot...

Nothing too special in that batch, Tony, but we nabbed a few for you. 

Colbey dropped in another couple of extras to sweeten the pot...

That chrome Puig is very attractive. Digging it mucho! 

I just might try another group break soon. 



  1. Nice pickups from that group break. I was tempted to join up for that one with the Expos/Nationals. Since he was doing 2004 and 2005 it wasn't just the Expos. I decided not to sign up because when I looked at the checklist for the products there were very few base cards for either incarnation of the franchise in those sets. I think each set had 2 or 3 players in the base set and maybe the 2004 had a Vladimir Guerrero insert. Even at the low price it wasn't really worth it for that particular team/franchise for just a single box of the product.

  2. Wow, Fleer Showcase does sport a beautiful design!

  3. Showcase is one I've been chasing a bit for my PCs. Looks like a fun break!