Saturday, September 30, 2017

Well, It's Been a Long Time...

Aloha, everybody, 

My friend and long-tiime trading partner, Gavin, from the fantastic blog Baseball Card Breakdown, and I had a potential trade percolating. It was just waiting for the right final pieces to fall into place. 

That happened when I won a bronze replica of Roberto Alomar's RC. It's a cool enough piece, but it fit better into Gavin's collection than mine, so a trade was born. 

Let's check out what Gav sent over to me. Leading off are a cool couple of customs from Gavin's workshop: 

 Of course, blame my lousy scanning skills for the cut off card. Than ignore that, and revel in the goodness that is two of the game's young superstars together on one card. Bonus: reading left to right, Bellinger is first! :) 

Next up is Belli going solo in old school Upper Deck style: 

Well-chosen photos of Cody adorn both sides of the card. I love seeing hard-luck story, Andrew Toles there in the dugout. Injury ruined Tolesy's 2017 season before it could begin, but I'm looking forward to him returning in 2018. 

Great customs! Here come the cards the original trade was built around. Vintage is the watchword here. 

My first RC from the famed Dodgers infield of the 70's. Welcome, Mr. Lopes. It seems I have a new project. Now I have to rope in 1970 Bill Russell, 1971 Steve Garvey and the Penguin's RC from '72 Topps.  

At least I can be satisfied for now with this 1971 Lou Brock...

...and a foldable 1971 Richie Allen with a vintage Dodger Stadium backdrop...

Sweet stuff from down south Gavin. THANKS for the trade, buddy! BTW, I noticed you put up some trade bait from the Legends of New York set. I'm down for those. If nobody has claimed them yet, set them aside for lil' ol' me, and let's get our next trade piles started! 

I have an honorable mention: Recently, mi hermano Wes, sent a surprise package out to me. Trouble is, I sorted those cards into my general card population before I scanned them. Thought I scanned 'em, but I didn't. 

Unfortunately, it's going to take some detective (and de-sorting) work before I can figure out what all cards came from where. So I just want to send a shout out to Wes and say THANKS!, but it may take a while before that post can go up. My bad - and I feel appropriately bad. 

Life goes on. Aloha! 


  1. Glad you like! Sure, I'll set aside those fuzzy Legends of NY cards for you.

    Oh, and it just goes to show how little thought you give to the Padres, but it was actually a Roberto Alomar you traded me, not Sandy. LOL

    Also FYI, Ron Cey's first Topps card is actually in 1972 Topps, but it's a high number so it can be tricky to find, though a little less so that the 1973 card w/ Schmidt.

  2. matter how much I collect, I'm still an amateur in so many ways! :P