Monday, November 6, 2017

Blog Bataround - Bacon to Puig in Six Degrees or Less

Aloha, everybody. 

Collecting Cutch blog has started up a Blog Bataround based on the old Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game. In the game, you try to connect Kevin Bacon to whomever you've chosen in six moves (degrees) or less. It's usually done with connecting other movie actors to Bacon. This time we've been tasked with connecting our favorite baseball player to him. 

Readers of ATBATT might recall I participated in a bataround like this once before. That time it was organized by Fuji, and I connected Jackie Robinson to myself. In it, I connected an actor from the film "42" to another movie "The Basketball Diaries", and eventually to my discovering the Jim Carroll Band playing at the Whiskey in Hollywood. 

Although Jackie is my favorite all-time player, I figured it would be lazy to just use what I had before, so this time I'll use my favorite 2017 Dodger, Yasiel Puig. 

 Waiting to see the custom cards with the "Puig lick". You know I want one. 

Let's see if we can go from Puig to Bacon in less than six degrees. Actually, I can do it in one degree, but let's see if we can stretch it out at least one more...

Yasiel Puig is from Cuba. When he became a Dodger, Vin Scully nicknamed him the Wild Horse. 

In one of my favorite movies,"Far and Away", Tom Cruise must buy and ride a wild horse in the film's exciting land rush scene (One degree).

Tom Cruise starred with Kevin Bacon in another of my all-time favorites, "A Few Good Men". The film revolves around a murder that took place at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (2 degrees). 


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