Saturday, November 11, 2017

Card Show Loot Part 2 - The Vintage Goodies

Aloha, everybody, 

Here's Part Two of the cool cardboard I picked up last week at the card show. Let's go! 

This time my vintage dealer had a few cards that got me closer to completing my World Series subset chases. The cards were a bit chewy, but they were priced right, at a quarter or fifty cents.  Believe it or not, these are my first cards from the subsets. 

First from the '70 series...

My first card from the 1974 World Series.

That's Boomer behind the plate. I need another copy of this for an auto. 

Chalk up my first from the 1960 series also. 

This card brings me to the "almost done" point for the '71 series. I just need one more: #226 World Series Game 4.

Next up is a card I hadda have. 
Reason 1: This fits my defunct teams collection.
Reason 2: Every collection should contain a guy named Rocky. 
Reason 3: "Old friend" status. Rocky began his career as a Brooklyn Dodger. 
Reason 4: How about that jaw fulla chaw? 

Finally, I can't pass up a bargain Hall of Famer, so ol' Bob Gibson jumped right into my hands and my collection.