Saturday, November 25, 2017

JBF Delivers a Cross-Country Body Blow

Aloha, everybody, 

Several of us received cardboard bombardments from the most generous collector I know. None other than my brother from way down south, good ol' Wes, of JBF fame. 

Wes sent me a big cube o' cards filled with cardboard goodness. The cards were packed in such a way that goodness was sprinkled about. Inserts, limited edition cards, relics and autos popped out from among Dodgers base cards that filled out team sets. As fun as it was to get those first glimpses of cardboard gold in my initial flip through the cards, its true glory slowly revealed itself as I sorted out what I had. 

As usual with Wes' slammings, it's going to take a couple of posts to show off the highlights. I'm so jazzed by said highlights, I don't even know what to start off with, so in no particular order, we'll get started with INSERTS and LIMITED EDITIONS...

First up are a couple of 2017 Chrome Refractors - real beauts...

Here's a green refractor, numbered 23/99...

Up next are a couple of cards that may be among the last issued to Andre Ethier as a Dodger. The blue is numbered 32/500...

...and the orange is #62/250...

This gold Manny is # 32/50. The photo is from Hanley's early days as a Dodger. It's a great photo, but looks like he's gonna be missing or fouling it off just underneath.

Here's a seemingly simple card, but I dig the caption "Robbed in Right", and the great shot of the ball nested securely in Puig's glove. 

Finally, a 2015 Chrome Farm's Finest miiiiinnnniiiiiiiiiiii of World Series hero, Joc Pederson...

We're just getting started folks. This is just the first wave of blows from ol' Wes. Stay tuned for more! Lots more. 



  1. You've confused your guys named Ramirez who went from Fenway to Chavez Ravine. Let Hanley Be Manny? B^)

    1. Good eye and edited. Thanks for the tip. I sure did confuse everyone, although I did remember Hanley muffed Kershaw's perfect game. Left it off initially because I didn't want to be negative on the guy.