Saturday, November 18, 2017

Found in a Corner of my Clubhouse

Aloha, everybody, 

I was cleaning out my scans folder when I noticed a folder of cards that I haven't posted about yet! 

Adam from Cardboard Clubhouse sent some cards to help me check off some Dodgers team collecting goals, and I just found the scans I made.  Sorry for the delay in posting, Adam. My bad. 

Adam will (very) soon be hitting the pause button on his blog, so I hope he'll get to see this post before his new baby makes him forget there is such a thing as baseball cards. Homeboy will soon be consumed with baby bottles and bassinets! Good luck and congratulations, Adam! 

Without any more delay, let's check these cards out. There's a baby a-comin'! 

Leading off is Johnnie Oates, a Dodgers backup catcher with a Ron Cey backup mustache and full-fledged hair flips all his own... 

You might also remember Johnnie as manager of the Texas Rangers. 

This next guy never managed a ball club - he had enough trouble managing his own life. That said, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for The Straw because he was the home grown kid who returned to LA to play with the boys in blue. 

Someday, I'll have enough Strawberry cards to actually have dupes that I can send off to my friend, Peter, the only other Strawberry collector I know. 

Bobby Ojeda...I do love them Dodgers southpaws...

THIS next card was a very pleasant surprise. I don't know how many Dodgers cards Pedro got, but I suspect not many. I want and need more. 

Bonus: Dodger Stadium Anniversary sleeve patch. Darryl is sporting the other side of the patch in his card above. 

Here we go. Let's check some Dodgers off the team checklist! 

Bill North, card 668 is the last Dodger I need to close out 1979 Topps. 

Manny Mota! A forever Dodger. 

Finally, this awesome Walter Alston and his coaches card from '74 Topps. 

Bonus: Tommy Lasorda below, waiting in the wings for his chance at the helm, and legendary Brooklyn Dodger, Jimmy Gilliam. Great card! 

THANKS for the great batch of cards, Adam! He probably can't hear me because he's off practicing how to change a diaper. LOL 



  1. I have the 79 North and others from your want lists. Shoot me a mailing address to ericandgretchen at yahoo dot com if interested.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed those cards! I might have a few more things for you coming for you at some point.