Sunday, February 18, 2018

Card Show Provides Great Start (and some goodies for my buddies)

Aloha, everybody, 

The card show gave up some good stuff this week. As many of you know, I'm chasing vintage World Series subsets, and this week's trip to Walnut gave me a great start on the 1970 Topps 6-card World Series subset, which commemorates the 1969 Amazin' Mets victory over the Orioles. Let's check 'em out:

Card #305 

Card #306

Card #307 (my fave)

Card #308

These four are a great head start. I only need two more, cards 309, 310 to complete the subset. 

I also picked up a bunch of cards for some of you out there. Before I show those off, I just wanna say if I've promised some cards to you to finish your 2018 Topps teamsets, or for other trades - hang tight, please. I haven't put together packages yet bc I was hoping to pick up some extra things and make one trip to the PO. I should be packing everything up over the next week. Thanks for your patience. 

Now for some pics of cards. These aren't everything I grabbed at the card show, but I just wanted to show a couple because, why not? 

I think you'll know who these are for, and I hope these will be nice additions to your collections...



  1. I can tell right away where the Hanson is going..and I have a hunch about the Chytil.

  2. WS subsets will look great in a binder together! Love the history here!