Tuesday, February 6, 2018

To Strike or not to Strike - A Youtube Video

Aloha, everybody, 

Have you heard the rumors of a possible players strike taking out the 2018 season? 

Here's a Youtube video with my take on the millionaires vs billionaires battle royale, and a beer review of the most excellent collaboration beer, El Camino de (Un) Real, from Stone, 21st Amendment, and Fireston Walker brewing companies. 

There's a lot going on, including an annoying fan sound in the background (sorry bout that). I hope that won't stop you from enjoying a quick and humble video from little ol' me. 



  1. As the owner of a company/team the owners should be able to hire who they want for what they want. There are quite a few big money offers on the table now the players just want more. How many times have the owners got burned by signing big money free agents to huge contracts

  2. Teams are just so much smarter these days. I get the frustration by the players in that they are not getting the big offers that were given out so frequently in years past. From the outsiders perspective though the only one I'm really surprised that hasn't got a big deal is Darvish. JD Martinez is a great bat, but a terrible defender. Jake Arrieta will be 32 years old once the season starts. You can pretty much count on one hand where big free agent contracts for pitchers has worked out. Eric Hosmer has only been worth 14WAR his entire career. These players can help a ton of teams, but would you want to give them 150 million? I think I would save that money for Harper and Machado.

    I hope that something changes in the future so that players are compensated better during their prime years. Maybe cut a year off the initial rookie contract. Obviously this effects small market teams, but would be much fairer to the player.