Saturday, February 3, 2018

Here's my First (and probabbly only) Blaster of 2018 Topps

Aloha, everybody, 

Everyone was showing off their brand new Topps 2018 cards and I just couldn't resist. I bolted out the door and went right over to my local Target. 

Topps hadn't been up 48 hours, and just as Dimebox Nick reported, the early bird pack searchers had already struck. Several hanger boxes were ripped open and jumbo packs showed signs of being "massaged". Ugh! 

I grabbed a blaster box and headed home. We'll start off the highlights of the box with the Dodgers I pulled...

With his ROY award, young Cody will be stuffed into a lot of packs, and I'm glad I pulled one in my first foray. 

Here's an awkward pull. While I liked finding this Alex Verdugo RC, Zippy Zappy already had one waiting for me, so it was raining Verdugos. 

A great shot of Justin Turner. I presume he's watching one of his dingers fly outta the park. Cody watches as well from the on-deck circle. 

Here's a nice shiny shiny League Leader. Boy, I wish that Turner card was one of these...

Four Dodgers isn't bad for my ten packs. It could have been five if the Dodgers hadn't traded away my favorite prospect in the quest for the Tipping Boy, Yu Darvish. The Rangers made out well with this trade...

Each blaster comes with one of these Weekend MLB patches. I got Wil Meyers. 

Gavin from Breakdown cards jumped on this one, so at least if I didn't get a Dodger, it was a card for one of my friends. That'll work. 

Next up are the inserts. As you all know, everything here is trade bait, so just give a shout if you are chasing any of these subsets or players. 

A.J., the Lost Collector set aside a couple of Bellingers for me from his 2018 pulls. Do you want either of these Yankees? (There's another Judge in the upcoming subsets)

Anybody for any of these? 

There you have it. Not a great blaster, but not really a disappointment either. One last note, the collation was excellent. I caught only one double, CC Sabathia, in an unflattering photo showing quite the tummy. lol 

Now all I need to complete the weekend is for the Cheatin' Pats to go down in flames. 



  1. Those Opening Day inserts are weird..

    1. yeh, I don't really like them. I'm not sure I'd like them even with Dodgers.

  2. I'd be interested in the Jeter, Gallo foil and 2 Legends in the Making cards if they were available for trade. Email me at ttorcato AT aol DOT com. Thanks.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! It was a decent box, and you got a nice card out of it. Ha!

  4. Hey buddy! You are very generous in trading cards and I know I owe you cards, but I am VERY interested in the Bradley Zimmer and Francisco Lindor insert cards. Did you happen to get much in the way of base cards of the Indians?

    1. The Zimmer and Lindor inserts are all yours. I also got three Indians base cards: Lindor, Carlos Santana and Francisco Mejia. Also all yours.
      I'm gonna pick up a few more packs soon, so any more Indians I pull will go into your pile.