Saturday, February 10, 2018

Goodbye to Yu (Darvish) A new Youtube Video

Aloha, everybody, 

So Yu Darvish took the money and ran – off to the Windy City. 
Well, I say, “Good riddance”, and don’t let the “tip” of the door hit you on the way out. We hardly knew ye - Yu?-, but Dodgers fans knew this bum long enough to know he's a big tipper. Sure, the recipients of the tips love it, but LA, not so much. 
After loyalty from the front officde, his teammates and his manager, the mercenary turned his back on a 2018 run at the World Series with the team he knew, and ran off to join the enemy. Because this is a semi-family-friendly blog, I'll leave it there, and humbly ask you check out my Youtube video about the whole sordid affair. 
Also in the video: A Beer review of Victory art Sea, a delicious chocolate and vanilla porter from Ballast Point Brewing.
Enjoy, and as always, please “like” the video. Comments also appreciated. :) 



  1. Why would you want Yu? I mean..Yu cost you guys the World Series. If Yu won even one game you would have a championship. But Yu couldnt get out of the third inning..and now Yu wants to get paid like an ace? Who do you think you are, Yu? The Dodgers were smart to let Yu walk. Yu ain't worth it. :D

    1. Don't even give him that much credit. Yu never even finished a second inning in two games. He pitched a total of 3 1/3 innings and has a WS ERA over 21.

  2. The Cubs are going to regret this before season's end. What a pricey gamble!

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