Thursday, May 24, 2018

Friday Youtube Video: Opening a Package from Johnny's Trading Spot & Beer Review

Aloha, everybody, 

It's Friday, so what better time to drop a Youtube video on y'all? Yeh, I'm moving toward more videos and less typing assignments. It also feels like an embrace of the 21st century. 

I hope you'll stick with me as I run through my video phase and try to find a happy medium between vlogging and old school written posts. 

Today we have a package from Johnny's Trading Spot and a beer review from Evans Brewing, out of Orange county, Irvine, CA. 

THANKS for the great package, John. Getback comin' your way soon. Aloha! 


  1. It's only Thursday here on the right coast, lol.
    Whose the Dodger not to be spoken? This way I know to not send anymore of him, I've got an idea, but not sure.

  2. Oops...that was one of those days that felt like a Friday all day to me. Abt the unnamed Dodger, that's Delino DeShields, the guy the Dodgers traded Pedro away to get. No worries abt sending sending him, lol. It's partly joking, and I often need him to complete team sets