Thursday, May 17, 2018

Sometimes I'm Too Cracked to Post, But Not Today

Aloha, everyone, 

I haven't posted in a while, but I've got some time tonight, so I'm going to drop a quickie about a nice lil' package that came to me from a nice lil' bloggin' gal named Julie, from A Cracked Bat

Julie started me off with a selection of 2018 Heritage Dodgers...

I'm settling on Heritage being my favorite set from 2018...

There was only one Topps Chrome card, but it was an attractive action shot of ex-Hated One, Brett Butler busting out of the box after one of his trademark bunt singles. 

Speaking of attractive cards, I really dig this 1969 Topps T.C.G. deckle-edge Tom Haller card. (It might be my favorite of the batch.) 

 Haller, also a former Giant, was a Dodger for four years, from 1968 thru 1971. He was a decent catcher, repping LA once as an All-Star. 

Here's a great 35th Anniversary shot of young Corey Seager running the bases after losing his batting helmet somewhere along the way. 

And now some crazy cards I didn't even know existed. From 1991 Fleer Extra Bases...

These come in around 3 x 5 1/2 inches. A very cool bunch featuring a couple of my favorite 90's Dodger pitchers, the Bulldog and Ramon Martinez. 

A nice assortment of Dodger Blue from across the decades. THANKS, Julie! I picked up a couple of things for you on my recent trips to the card show. Hope you'll like them. 



  1. Those Extra Bases Standouts are awesome!

    1. Yeh, they used some great photography and made it fit the card size and design Pretty well.

  2. I have never seen those Extra Bases either... pretty cool!

    1. I really like them. Now the mission is to find binder pages to fit them. I think I have some around here somewhere.

  3. hey Oscar! glad you enjoyed the cards! not everyone likes the Extras due to the size. I took a chance hoping you'd be one.