Saturday, May 5, 2018

I Got Penny Sleeves in this Trade (Cool Cardboard too)

Aloha, everybody, 

If you're not following A Penny Sleeve for Your Thoughts, well, you just aint doin' it right. Jon runs one of my favorite blogs. Quality writing, insight, and a good variety of cards and genres (unlike those of us who tend to blog about the same team 95% of the time). 

Jon and I don't make specific trades, we just gather cards and send when it seems there are enough. Lately, we've begun corresponding with each other about things large and small beyond the cardboard. I told Jon that I feel like the old days when authors, artists and friends would write long letters to each other. I really love it. 

Anyways, you're here for the cards, right? Let's check 'em out...

Some of you might be saying to yourselves, "Hey, my browser just switched over to Bob Walk the Plank. Nope you're still in ATBATT. Jon remembered I collect Hall of Famers, and he dropped this Honus Wagner with its marvelous photo on me. Besides, I dig these Fleer Greats sets as well.

Something else I chase are defunct teams like the Senators...

I have mixed feelings about Roger Craig because he later managed the hated Giants - seemingly forever. I never knew him as a Dodger, so even though he wears the Brooklyn flannels, my brain still registers him as the leader of the bad guys. 

More Killer cardboard, sir? Yes, please. Mucho more...

And gimme those career stats...

Good ol' Ossie here spent his entire career with the Senators, from player to All-Star to World Series champ to coach to manager. 

Did someone say I like baseball legends on cardboard? This'll do...

Now for some Dodgers. We'll go from a gorgeous old set... a beautiful modern, acetate of The Tornado...

 World Series Hero Mickey Hatcher! Awesome

 Here come some more Konerkos. Some will say this card design is over the top, but I think it's just right. Even his cleats are getting in on the act. 

Did Konerko put his jersey on upside down? 

There we go, right side up again. 

 Speaking of ballplayers destined to be great - for another team!! Nonetheless, this card will look great in my binder.

Finally, Jon drops the extra spicy dose with some Kershaw swag! Nice! 

What a great batch of cards. THANKS, Jon. I really appreciate them. 

Shotouts to P-Town Tom and Tom Tessier for cards recently arrived. I'll get some posts up for you soon! THANKS :) 


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  1. I think you might be overselling my blog a bit much, but I still appreciate the kind words anyway. I felt like I should've apologized for sending that Goudey reprint, but it was a Senator, and it was cheap... so I thought it was better than nothing.