Sunday, February 5, 2012

RC Trade Bait (Part 2)

happy super-sunday, treasured readers and fellow blogonauts.  i'm not thrilled or even particularly interested in today's game, as both teams are east-coasters whom i really don't care about.  i am however, looking forward to BBQ'ing with my buddies and knockin' back a coupla cold ones - as per tradition, of course.

i have one correction relating to my january multi-trade post.  in that post, i incorrectly listed fellow blogger adam from thoughts and sox  as a reader.  so everybody head over to adam's blog and get some trades going with him.  he's a super trader who is definitely a member of the generosity brigade.  as i said when i updated the post, he sent me so many cards, i think i'm now a semi-official red sox collector.  besides all that, his blog's header gives a nice contrast to the ATBATT gals.

and now....RC trade bait part deux (for the o-pee-cee fans).....

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