Saturday, February 11, 2012

Roberto Alomar Trade Bait

hey y'all.  believe it or not, it feels good to be around my blog again.  during the week, i only have time for reading a few blogs, and dropping even fewer comments.  i been blogging so unoften...even tha troll dropped a post before i did  (you know i joke, bro).

in honor of spring training being JUST AROUND THE FRIGGIN' CORNER !!! , i've started a series up above in my header - World Series Heroes.  the sole criteria of the series is the player came up big time in the fall classic and his card's in my PC.  they come at you in no particular order,  except the dodgers lead the charge.  

some say this next guy is headin' for the hall.  i say take the whole lot off my hands.  i'll be perfectly happy to get just a few cards of what i do collect.  roberto alomar, anybody?

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