Monday, February 20, 2012

Trade Post w/ Arpsmith

i believe rodney king said it best when he called for an end to the last round of riots we had here in LA.  wearing his best sweater for the TV cameras, he asked, "can't we all get along?"   i thoroughly agree.  cats and dogs, serbs and whoever it is they're mad at, and dodgers and giants collectors should all just get along,  right? 

in the spirit of rodney's appeal, i sent some of the Worst Trade Bait Ever to cool reader adam, aka arpsmith.  he in turn generously sent me some great cards from all around my collecting interests. what follows is by no means everything he sent, just the highlights as i see 'em...

my garvey collection is almost respectable now, thanks to my blogoworld buddies

another WS Hero. i'll always remember watching bobby welch strike out mr. october - in october. reggie took some mighty-ass swings, and young welch GOT HIM !

sticker + fernando = good stuff

wills is always great to get in a trade

check this out ! early tony gwynn ! sweet

more HOF vintage !

ol' arpsmith just keeps the hits comin'

THANKS for the great trade, brother.  good things happen when we all git along.


  1. Nice pick ups!

    I love that Tony Gwynn card. That Jherri curl is amazing!

  2. Glad you liked the cards. Thanks for my end of the trade!