Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Really, blogger ?? REALLY ???

i try really hard not to be a negative dude, but blogger is really pushing my buttons with this new development. at least, it's a new one for me.
  tonight i tried to leave some comments on a coupla  fellow blogonaut's sites, and much to my chagrin, i noticed a new (for me) anti-robot text that blogger is making us type before we can post a comment.  is anyone else experiencing frustration with this ?  I CANT READ THE SHITE !!!!

what the hell does this say?

just for fun i clicked on "gimme a new set a letters"  check this out:

what in the name of all that is holy is THAT ??  is anyone else experiencing these crazy letters?  how about this...

really?  all i wanna do is leave a simple "happy valentines day, fellow blogger", or "haha, lookit the squirrel card" comment. it  should be easy and fun, right ?  but NOOOOOOOO - i gotta decipher THIS first:

and it's not blown up all nice size, it's small !  i suddenly wish i had the wit and sarcastic skewer of Blogger of the Year (2011) , but i only have bad,bad wishes for the blogger idiot of an editor who decided this was the new way to go.  i think the little devil jumped from the funner place  and onto my shoulder.  baaaaaad wishes.


  1. It's that damn Shelly's fault ...

  2. That is terrible. Some of those letters aren't even English.

  3. I use snarfer fro all my blog activities and it keeps me logged in sot the only captcha I get is the blogger one word which is easy to read.