Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Night At Chavez Ravine Dodgers vs. Brewers

Earlier this week my man inside Dodger Stadium offered two tickets to me for last night's game. Because of his position at the stadium, he's eligible to receive two complimentary tickets for two games every homestand.  He says he's never used the seats, but after six years, it's time.  I was lucky enough to be first in line.

I was especially excited, as this would be my first trip out to the stadium this season.  Last night my seats (started out) in the Club section of the stadium, so why not show a few photos from there, as one or two of you may not have seen things from that perspective. 

Here we go...

It's a beautiful evening in LA.  On my way to pick up my tix at Club level.

Club level is cool for a few reasons.  It's the level with the large party suites. This is where LA politicians, Hollywood, and the riche watch the game in elegance and tubs of champagne.  That was not where I sat.

It's also home to the media and Vin Scully's broadcast booth.  Lots of fancy rooms with impressive names are here as well.  I couldn't find the Tommy Lasorda commissary.

Lots of Dodgers history on display around here.  Below you see a wall displaying press and media guides all the way back to Brooklyn...

Here's the 1956 guide, showing the Bums finally won. 

Our seats were on the third base wing, beyond the executive suites. To the right you can see the left field pavilions - bleachers on the east coast.  In the space between and down is the Dodger bullpen.

For you Kemp fans...

The walls were lined with these photo blowups of all the Dodger yearbooks through the years.  I took this pic for GCRL.  Sorry Jim, blogger insisted on adding this photo sideways. 

On the right side of the photo below you can see these yearbook blowups.  This Lopes photo was magnificent on that scale.

Here's the old bullpen pitcher's delivery cart from back in the day.  How cool would it have been to be that driver?

There was a charity auction for the Dodgers Foundation

Wall display of ticket stubs from past events gone by. 

After a few innings my buddy stopped by to check on us and he mentioned he had some empty seats lower and closer to the plate.  So we moved in time to catch this view of what an incoming home run pitch looks like to Carl Crawford...
A split second later - BLAMMO !  Home Run !

These new seats were in the section reserved for visitor's families, so there were a few Brewer fans around.  This guy was wearing a Yount jersey and wouldn't stop eating his mitt.

Carl Crawford got hit by a Rolando Belisario unleashed some Dodger chin music.  Note the Brewer looking for his contacts in the dirt.
We returned to our original seats for the 9th.  The Dodgers won what was a good back-and-forth battle, 7-5.

We returned to the cushioned (and warmer) Club seats in order to have a good view of the postgame fireworks show.  Fans can go out on the field and watch. 

It's Fireworks!  What a great night out at the stadium.  Thanks for the tickets, Dave!

One last bit of good news - the giants lost! 

THANKS for reading, everybody!


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