Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Iconic Vintage Cards On Cards-Board

Hey everybody,

Well the wheels are really falling off the Dodger's wagon these days.  We just lost YET ANOTHER starting pitcher to injury.  Sheesh!

On the bright side, tomorrow night is Hello Kitty night at Dodger Stadium.  YAY !

But that's not why we're here tonight.  This post is all about some awesome cardboard I picked up in a trade with Kerry over at Cards On Cards.

Kerry first posted an iconic Reggie card that I've been chasing for quite a while.  Although the card depicts a terrible blow to the Dodgers - Reggie smashing 5 homers in the 1977 World Series  -  it's a magnificent card from one the guys I love to collect. 

This card is awesomely iconic.  No, it's iconically awesome!

The simple framing and text are secondary to the image as they should be, but they hold their own. How about that photo of Reggie ? All gritted teeth and home run arms.  Those Reggie glasses and that damned Yankee uniform.  Now THAT's a baseball card!

As I said, that was just the start.  Our trade talks went on and eventually expanded to include more cool stuff!  Check it out...

Did somebody say something about Reggie glasses?
 Back in the days before lasik, I used to wear glasses.  I'm not ashamed to say Reggie was an influence on my frames of choice at times.  Unfortunately, they never helped me to hit any home runs.

Speaking of icons...above are two who were greats of their generations.  Yes, it's another Yankee, but Goose Gossage was pretty damn good...and who's gonna argue with Fingers' mustache?  I'm quite satisfied to get both of these guys in one card. 

Although today's Padres and Dodgers players are kind of new to a rivalry between the two clubs, and  Speigel over at Nomo's Sushi Platter recently told us that he'll have to hack off a hunk of hatred toward the giants in order to apply some to that team down south,  I've had a healthy helping of L.A./S.D. fan rivalry since my college days.

One of my roommates was a Padres fan, so I know plenty of the old school Padres.  Heck, I'm a Benito Santiago fan, myself.  For what it's woth, one of my other roommates was a Cubs fan, so for good measure I know all about Jody Davis and good ol' Harry Carey.

The point of all that was it was great for me to pick up this card of an iconic Padre, Dave Winfield, flashing a smile that says his mama loves him.  And how about that old timer S.D. uniform?

I love commemorative cards when done right.  This is a perfect example.  What a photo.  Seaver staring in at the batter, with his face obscured in bad ass shadows that today's "photoshop first" editors would never allow.

Here's a trivia lurker question...who do you think that is at bat against Seaver?  My first impression tells me its Dave Concepcion from the Big Red Machine.  What do you think?

Finally, Kerry tossed something in that shows he's among the upper tier of traders...the guys who'll toss in something a little extra to make the trade even sweeter, just because it makes the trade even sweeter...

How about THIS blast?!!?

THANKS for a great trade, Kerry.
THANKS for reading everybody!


  1. Glad you liked the cards! Someday I'm going to regret not keeping a Reggie player collection, but I can't think about that right now.

    1. The cards are great. Thanks for helping me out, buddy.

  2. The guy hitting on the Seaver card looks more like George Foster to me.

    1. That's a good guess as well. You might have called that one. I really wish someone in the know would confirm that for us.