Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cardboard Diamonds Arrive From The King

Hey everybody,

There were a couple of good things in store for me on Friday.  One was attending my first Dodger game of the year, which I documented with photos in my previous post.   The second pleasant happenstance was receipt of an awesome PWE blaster from The Diamond King.  

 Kevin read my collector's mind when he packed this envelope with these cardboard diamonds...

Above is a great SSPC card of Number 20, out at old Shea Stadium.

Below is a FANTASTIC addition !  I totally dig these vintage subsets commemorating past playoffs and especially World Series'.

Here we see the 1969 Amazin' Mets chugging their way to ultimately becoming World Series Champs.  Ken Boswell crosses the plate as Art Shamsky (24) and big Ed Kranepool (7) ready themselves to give him high fives.

However, I'm not sure a high five would have been the home plate greeting in '69.  While "gimme five" was in use, back then it was usually practiced belt high, not sky high.  I'm also guessing shaking hands at the plate was still in fashion with the majority of ballplayers.

 Lookit this!  It's Richie Hebner vs. Ty Cline in another great black and white action card. It's the 1970 Playoffs between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Zinzinatti Reds.  Awesomeness.

Here's the backside.  I love it when these rosters read like a roll call at the baseball hall of legends. 

How about some more cool Dodger cards...

This is a great new addition to my Manny Mota collection.  Is that Candlestick Park in the background?

I had a lot of favorite Dodgers over the years.  Wes Parker was the first.  Parker once had a cameo on The Brady Bunch.  

I'm digging the old-time Dodger Stadium outfield wall and folks sunburning - errr, sunbathing -  in the pavilion. Those tickets used to be $2 back in the day.  

 Speaking of old-time Dodger Stadium, here's a great shot of the seats in the colors that I grew up with.  We never talked about sitting in Reserved Section or Top Deck.  We spoke in terms of sitting in the blue, red or yellow seats. 

Also included in the shot are a bunch of Dodger greatsAlong with Alston the skipper, the team photo features The Infield (GCLR), Manny Mota, Don Sutton, Willie Crawford, Ferguson and Yeager.  

Great stuff, Kevin !  Thanks so much.  I'll get back at you with some nice stuff once again.

THANKS for reading, everybody.