Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy Sunday Night Vintage

Hey everybody,

Nothing helps a baseball fan - or a baseball team, for that matter - to shake off the gloom and dooms like stringing some victories together. 

That's exactly what the doctor ordered and exactly what the Dodgers got after losing a tough 2 out of 3 to the evil ones from the bay.  We got well with a weekend sweep of the Pirates. 

Since the Dodger Nation is feeling pretty good and moving back toward optomism tonight, I thought I'd share some of my personal feel-good loot that I recently acquired through a couple of prudent buys over on the other bay. 

Let's check 'em out:

1954 Topps John Logan.   Logan doesn't exactly have any stats  that'll knock your socks off, but he was a 4-time All-Star and he even won a world championship in 1957.   Bravo, Logan.

Coach card !  Because why the heck not? 

I wonder what the story is behind Keely's lifetime stats of just 2 games and 1 at bat?  I suppose he was a star defensive replacement since he's got a fielding percentage of 1.000. 

Here's a beautiful '53 Topps.  Sidney here looks like he played opposite William Bendix in any number of screwball 50's baseball movies.  Don'cha just love those movies?

 I really didn't pick these cards up because these guys mean anything to me.  The cards simply appealed to my love of vintage, they were in pretty darn good condition for their ages, and the imagery was appealing.  Best of all, they were dirt cheap when compared to the usual prices for vintage - even commons. 

What a great action card.  Never mind the blurry bottom, that's just my lousy scanner.   Bob Richardson hit a grand slam and set a WS record in this game.  He went on to be WS MVP, albeit for the losing team.  I wonder if this photo is from his grand salami at bat?

 Just read the names off this game recap...Mickey Mantle (with a homer), Clem Labine, Whitey Ford, Bob Cerv, Elston Howard, Moose Skowron. WOW ! What a who's who of vintage ballplayers.

I love World Series subsets, and I hadda grab this card as soon as I saw it.  This is the Mazeroski WS, so I'm now officially on the quest to complete this set.  Any help I can get will certainly be welcomed and appreciated. 

THANKS for reading everybody! 

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