Saturday, April 6, 2013

ATBATT's All-Time All-Stars Right Field

Hey everybody,

when we last visited the All-Timers, we completed the infield and one outfield position. Here's the line up to this point:

C: Johnny Bench
1st: Lou Gerhig
2nd: Jackie Robinson
SS: Ozzie Smith
3rd: Brooks Robinson
LF: Rickey Henderson

This time we get my pick for the best right fielder of all time - with the opportunity to check out a few cool baseball cards.  Not bad for some free Saturday evening entertainment. 

Several of the positions for my all-stars have been difficult choices, and this one was pretty tough as well.  There are several first-ballot players.

I, for one, would usually take Reggie's 563 homers and ability to come up big in the Fall Classic.

While Reggie's a solid choice...what about Roberto Clemente?  He only had 3,000 hits, 12 all-star games, and was regularly bringing fear to N.L. base runners with his cannon for an arm before his life and career were tragically cut short.

Clemente was actually my first choice, but then I remembered this guy...

Sure, Hammerin' Hank would be the natural first choice choice for lots of us.  That is, until we remember this next ballplayer, who held down right field before any of 'em.  There's just no way I choose somebody else before I choose this guy.

This is the man that caused the building of the original Yankee Stadium (RIP).  They called it "the house that Ruth built" for good reason.  He led the Yankees to 7 A.L. pennants, 4 World Series championships and rewrote Yankee and baseball record books along the way.

 I once read somewhere that foul poles were invented because the Bambino regularly hit the ball so far the umpires needed help.

Of course I'm gonna pick the guy who practically played with a hot dog in one pocket and a beer in the other, all the while hitting the ball out of the park.  The best part of all, he did it steroid free.

THANKS for reading, everybody.  Time for me to go back to watching the Dodger game. 


  1. Aaron, Ruth, clemente...its hard to miss no matter who you choose.

    Love the new header btw - i miss dodger dogs.

    1. Thanks. I haven't been to a game yet, so I'm still missing them too.