Sunday, April 30, 2017

A PWE From Ear...Eamu...Cahoo...P-Town Tom!

Aloha, everybody, 

Good ol' P-Town Tom, he of the blog I can't pronounce, Eamus Catuli!, knows how to stuff a PWE - just fill it with Dodgers pitching. 

Check out this great card with great Japanese pitchers. I never thought I could appreciate a card with a Giant on it as much as this beauty...

 Clayton Kershaw aside, here's my favorite Dodger southpaw with an interesting photo. Poor Fernando looks like those huevos rancheros he had for breakfast are acting up...

This is more like it...

Note to envelope stuffers...a quality PWE always contains a little bitta Brooklyn...

Thanks to Tom, I now own Chase Utley's final Dodgers (flagship) card. Next year he'll probably close out his career as a Padre...

Todd Hollandsworth was one of those Rookies of the Year who never did much afterward.

At least he got a cool baseball card, and that's not a small accomplishment - just like knowing how to stuff a PWE. 

THANKS for the great cards, Tom! 



  1. You're quite welcome! Glad they found their way safely across the country and into your collection.

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