Tuesday, April 18, 2017

When Dodger Collectors Collide

Aloha, everyone, 

Not too long ago I wrote about Spiegel, my old collecting friend who was getting back into the trading game after retiring his own Dodgers blog a couple of years ago. 

Just as you might suspect, Spiegel isn't the only ex-Dodger blogger who was away for a while and is now back in. GCRL Jim is another. Jim and I recently turned the U.S. mails blue when we swapped fistfuls of Dodgers cardboard. 

We Dodgers collectors are blessed, as our team has historically had plenty of representation in card companies' checklists. That means no matter how large our collections are, and however much we swap among each other, the chances of receiving plenty of new (for us) product in our mailboxes are pretty good. 

Take for example, these 2007 SP Legendary Cuts cards of Roy Campanella and Maury Wills. 

 I've loved these black n' red beauties ever since I saw a dealer selling a large stack of them a couple of years ago. He wanted fifty cents a piece for them, and I wasn't convinced they were worth that, so I walked away and never had a chance to pick through that set again. 

Speaking of beautiful cardboard...

Just lookit that. I don't need a card to be selling for $100 on ebay for me to appreciate it. A grand design and good photography goes a long way with me. 

Sure I've got 2009 Dodgers, but I didn't have O-Pee-Chee versions until GCRL hit me with them. 

Sir Night Owl wrote about receiving a team set Dodger card tonight, and just like the team bag says, these are a bunch of 2012 team set Dodgers...

Just enough to make me need to complete the set. Ha! 

Here's an interesting pair, both from 2005. Playoff Prestige and Throwback Threads both used the same photo of the Penguin. The Prestige card was even lazier in its use of the same photo on the back. 

GCRL set me up with a whole lotta cards that were brothers in sets that I've never seen. Like these...

And the hits just kept on coming. Here's a string of Dodgers batsmen...

 Except Manny's bat is nowhere to be seen. 

And here's some pitching. 

Another set with amazing photography and design....

Finally, one more photographic work of art on a little slice of cardboard...

Dig that sly smile on Jackie. It's the same look Dodgers collectors have when we open packages from each other. 

THANKS for all the great cards, Jim! 


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