Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Small Youtube Video Starring Little ol' Me, and a Small Trade

Aloha, everybody, 

Many of you may already know, I've been honing my chops as a blogger not only in our little community, but also in the Dodgers blogger worlds as well. 

I write for LA Dodger Report, and I'm now beginning to dabble in making Youtube video reports for the blog. Why not, right? 

I just posted a short series wrap up video commenting on the weekend series the Dodgers and Diamondbacks just completed. I thought a couple of you might be interested, so here's the video: 

I completed a one-card trade recently with Peter K. Steinberg, who is as gracious a person as he is a trader. We put together a small trade, and here's the cardboard gem that Peter sent over to me...

I semi-collect RickeyHenderson, and when I saw this one, I hadda have it. Upon its arrival, I became double glad because of the story on the rear...

This is a tribute card for Rickey's 1,000th steal. Cool. And he swiped it one year to the day after he broke Lou Brock's record. Even better. A very nice addition to my collection. 

Thanks, Peter! Thanks to all of you who take a peek at the video as well. 



  1. Great video. Your a natural in front of the camera

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Mark. I'm just starting out and hoping to get better :)

  2. Hopefully after you go big time on one of the sports channels you don't forget all of us little people! It's nice to be able to now put a face (and voice) to the name (and blog).

    1. Hmm...I'm already big time from the good vibes you all are sending to me.
      I know what you mean about being able to put a face and voice to the blog. I hope I don't lose too many readers with my face! lol

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