Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Day the Astrodome Remembered Chavez Ravine

Aloha, everybody, 

Although I spent some time in Taiwan, I can't really call myself a world traveler. I haven't even been to our east coast. Visiting New York and Washington D.C. are still on my "to do" list. 

That said, I've traveled our west coast states and extensively through the American southwest. Many of those places have left indelible images in my memory. One of those is the past home of the Houston Astros, the Astrodome. 

Every time I see the title of Marc's blog, "Remember the Astrodome", my memory of that impressive sports temple flashes through my mind's eye. The stadium is long gone, but Astros baseball carries on in a new place, much like card collecting and trading has moved from front stoops and back porches to world-wide internet communities. 

That expansion of trading possibilities brought a fistful of cardboard to little ol' me - straight from Houston, Texas. 

Davey Lopes played in the Astrodome, just as the Dodgers below did. 

They say Texas does everything bigger, and Marc knocked a big chunk of needs off my Dodgers team set wantlists...

Trayce Thompson is mired in a horrible slump in the minor leagues right now. Maybe this appearance on ATBATT will bring him some luck at the plate. 

Here are a couple of great tribute cards of former Dodgers that will sit very well in the binder. Shawn Green is remembered for his four home run game (plus a double) back in '92, which broke Joe Adcock's record for most bases (18) in one game. 

The card below commemorates Shawn's teammate, HOFer Mike Piazza's ML debut. 

Here's another debut from another Dodger HOFer...

How about some current Dodgers...

 Usually I'm not a fan of logoless cards, but these Diamond Kings are very attractive. Much digged. 

Below are a few pitchers - two in the Dodgers' starting rotation, and Luis Avilan from the bullpen corps. So far, so good for these guys...

I saw this Adrian Gonzalez card floating around the blogs and bought too much Topps chasing it. Now it's mine! 

Dodger Stadium has carried sushi for a few seasons. Although I love sushi, I have yet to try it there. Does anyone chasing this stadium food subset need this one? 

 While Marc's site remembers the Astrodome, I'm happy my blue temple of baseball still exists. That said, Dodger fans do have a bygone stadium to remember...

THANKS for the great cards, Marc. I'm looking forward to our next card exchange.


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  1. You're welcome! And they haven't managed to tear down the 'Dome yet - they're still debating what to do with it. It did get protected historical status last year though.