Saturday, April 22, 2017

How Did it Take so Long for Me to Trade With a Trading Spot?

Aloha, everybody, 

The name of my blog doesn't pull any punches. It's all trade bait...all the bloody time. Sure, I like showing off cards and writing about stuff, but ATBATT is really all about the trading. THAT'S what I love about our community. 

There's another guy out there who runs a blog that's all about the trades, it's called Johnny's Trading Spot. It took a while, but our two trading blogs finally knocked out our first swap. 

Spoiler Alert: Good ol' Johnny did not disappoint. He went right for my Dodgers team checklists and batted .1000

Wes Parker was my first favorite Dodger. He was southpaw and played first base. What's not to love? 

 That looks like a lurking skipper back there. It's Walter Alston performing the magic floating ball trick. 

More needed Dodgers. This time '71 Topps...

Here's a good one. Bobby Valentine's RC...

Raul Mondesi gets the Disneyland Haunted House spooky face treatment on this 1996 SP Special FX card. Now I need to find the die-cut version...

One more for my 2017 Topps team...

 Who knew Jeff Kent had so many Dodgers cards? I'll take em all! 

Finally, the one who got away, Jose De Leon. He was traded away for the Dodgers new second baseman, Logan Forsythe. He's now playing for the Durham Bulls. 

Grant Dayton got his call up to the Dodgers. He's had a decent start, so stay tuned. 

Decent start, stay tuned. The same holds true for the new trading relationship between JTS and ATBATT. THANKS for the great trade, John! 


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