Monday, November 21, 2011

A question to my fellow bloggernauts and a trade with the Hopefulchase

Hey everybody - recently traded with justin over at the hopefulchase . i requested a couple of cards, and he sent me a few extras.  that's very cool (as you can see from the cards below), but this deal got me thinking about a couple of questions i wanna put out to you, my blog neighbors.

as a relative new-comer to the blogger world, i have just begun trading, but it didn't take long to notice bloggers in our community are very generous.  i want to be generous too, which leads me to my question:
in your usual trades, do you want extra cards from your team, even if your wantlists don't indicate you want that? 

now, don't get me wrong. i WANT the extras that people have sent me - but that's because i'm just starting and my collection is pretty small.  i get the feeling some of you guys (and gals) have tons of dupes and the last thing you need is another handful of commons - even if they are from your team.  did you all see that large bin of extras over at the funner place ?  i almost feel like i'm just dumping my dupes on you.  so, let me know how you feel about that in the comments.  if you want them, i'll be happy to send you lots of extra cards from your team in our little trades.  i wanna be a generous dude too.  : )

one last thing - i plan to get out to my local card show sometime over the next couple of weeeks. if any of you want me to look for some trade-able vintage or a special player thats hard to get in your neck of the woods, drop me a comment here, or an email, and i'll keep an eye open.  you can return the favor for me, and before you know it - another trade is born.
whew !! that's the most i've ever written. time to shut up and show my new (not for trade this time) cards i got from justin

 thanks for the trade, justin.  (the cards i originally requested were the 'play ball' and johnny b)
next post - TRADE BAIT !!!


  1. For me, I never look a gift horse in the mouth. I always welcome the cards with open arms, especially because the blogger/trader didn't have to send them to me. Have I received a few dupes? Absolutely. No worries though because the other cards that the guys (and gals) send me more than make up for the dupes. Others may feel different on this subject however. I look forward to other people's responses...

  2. I just find it fun to get the extras and you never know if they might be something you want to add to your PC. Some cards in my collection are just because they're cool and not because they're high dollar.

  3. I always prefer only cards off of my want list but it doesn't bother me too much to get dupes because I have lots of Red Sox collecting trade partners. My want list is more extensive though than most bloggers because I have almost every set listed on mine. Most of the time you can send a team collector a bunch of random cards that are not on their list and you still may give them stuff they don't have yet, they just don't have it on their list yet.

  4. I'll never say no to extras even though, yes, I have way too many Dodger dupes.

    The concept behind sending extras, as you say, is always admirable. And as your package to me showed, there are almost always cards in those extras that you need -- no matter how many cards you have.

  5. I agree with what everyone has said...extras are fun to get and I try to do it if I can.

  6. Thanks for the plug to my blog! I like getting extras, but I do try to not send too many common cards as extras since I assume (maybe incorrectly?) that folks aren't too interested in them. Hence why I have a bin of over 4,000 of 'em! And that's not including the tons of binders I have too!

  7. thanks everyone who commented. i'm a little more enlightened now, and my fellow bloggers can expect to get extra cards tossed into the deal when i have them available. on the flip side - you can always feel welcome to add extras to your end of deals with me. as night owl sez, i will likely catch some unexpected new cards, and i'll be sure to pass on the extras to the next trade.