Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A THANKS Post. (these are not for trade)

Jeff over at Cardboard Catastrophes recently made an offer for FREE CARDS ! over at his blog.  He offered cards for the low,low cost of the postage to send 'em out.  Well, I jumped on that.  As Spicoli would say, it was  'Awesome ! Totally Awesome !' 
Jeff sent over a fistful of cards... nay...two fistfuls of cool cardboard that filled more than a few gaps in my Dodgers collection.  If I scanned everything, I would still be scanning, and I would much rather be filling my binder.  So here's a few highlights and a huge GRACIAS to Jeff.

Sparrkly Ethier ...NICE

How bout the way Beltre tore it up in the playoffs

Got a few cards from this set. Love 'em

Who don't love vintage?  and who's that puking in the background?

Johnnie '55 - Yankee Killer

i've been wanting something from our new closer

the greatest Dodgers manager I ever saw

got some cool lineage boys in blue

scan does not capture the real beauty of this one

i just cant have too many koufax's

a furcal mini !

thanks again, Jeff !

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