Thursday, November 24, 2011

So Fuji wants to see some pics...

Over at the Chronicles of Fuji, there was a request to share some of our favorite photography.   i'm about as good a photographer as i am a blogger, so i figured nobody wants to see my 'point and shoots'.  but in the name of being a good sport, i further figured, what the heck - i'll step into the batters box myself. 

using the self-imposed criteria that i had to have shot it myself, here's a few of my faves...

these first shots are from my trip to taiwan. i went there on a recruiting trip for my school in '08. what a beautiful, fascinating, and awesome island
the glory that is taipei 101, formerly the tallest building in the world. i went up to the top and yeh, it's pretty dang high.  i love the way this beautiful building can be seen from almost anywhere in taipei. BTW - the lone soaring bird off to the left is what makes this pic for me.

taipei. street shot. it's the scooter capital of the world (at least it feels like it)  check out her home-made helmet art.

now to my beloved california coast.  my favorite beach. another 'shhh'.  it's my secret place.

the edge rocking U2's recent 360 tour

one more from taiwan. i spent my entire time there trying to get to a taiwanese baseball game. i wanted to experience the grand ol' american game through thier filter. never caught a live game - but i watched one on my hotel TV. i was amazed at the low level of talent. it seemed a strong american high school team could run the leagues.
i used this photo to launch my blog. Dodger Stadium, opening day, 2010. andre ethier touches home plate after a HR blast.  man, i love baseball.


  1. Cool photos. My favorite is the first one of the temple and the hot girl on the scooter!! I have always wanted to travel to Asia. I have a bunch of friends there. Thanks for sharing.

  2. thanks for the feedback, jeremy. hope you can travel over there soon. i cant wait to go back myself.

  3. Thanks for sharing your photos... they're great. Love the hot chick on the scooter, but your secret beach and "shhhh" temple shot are my favorites.

    By the way... can you imagine getting U2 to sign a 16x20 of your photo in silver sharpie? That would be "crazy" beautiful.