Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Trade Bait from Group Break Loot (Part 1)

I was in a group break over at Thorzul's place.  The randomizer chose my second team to be the rangers. i tried to trade them away before the break, and luckily nobody took me up on the offer. i say luckily because the rangers absolutely KILLED in that break.  i also picked up a couple of orioles.

furthermore, i ended up with a cardboard jewel for my pc - a nolan ryan limited 17/34 jersey relic, and a nice texiera 15/25.
those are great additions for my (now second) binder, but i'm a dodgers fan, so my hits are trade bait for rangers and orioles fans out there...and awaaayyy we go !!

digging the limited edition and low number

teixeira was all over this break

relic goodness with yet another low number


this is a very cool swatch. i always envied my fellow bloggers with multi-colored patches.  i've finally got one of my own !! ahh...the joy of meaningless stuff.  i love it. ( BTW not for trade)
my cardboard jewel.  don't it look like he's telling robin ventura..."just stay away, boy, before my mound is red with your blood."  (also not for trade) 

 look for part 2 coming soon....


  1. I'll trade for all the available Rangers (accept the Galaragga auto, which I have). I need to gather up some Dodgers for you.

  2. P at the P - check. holding all rangers for you, but not the auto.

    greg - thanks. i was totally stoked watching the video of the pack rips.