Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trade Loot

hey everybody, happy day after halloween.
here's a post full of my newest pc additions thanks to a trade with kyle4kc.  thanks for the great cards kyle !
BTW - the day after i put kyle's new pujols purple refractor in the mail to him, pujols got his epic on and cold-blasted three homers in a single world series game, a la` ruth and (world series cheater) reggie. 
here's some of my new dodger cards...

gotta get a jackie. my blogger name is inspired by him.

refractor goodness of our MVP

simple design + very nice photo = cool card

speaking of cool cards...

 kyle, you were right, this card does take the place of your new clemons very nicely. 

love this card...i now have 8 dodgers from this year. beat up corners? maybe a little..but ol' demeter fits very well on the binder page.                   
needs to have a HUGE 2012 campaign

thanks kyle, for this great card, and the next one...

sweet limited gibsonocity

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  1. Since you're such a good pimp, would you take a look at my blog and mention my box break on your blog?

    Thanks again for the trade!