Sunday, November 20, 2011

Trade loot from Diamond King

Completed my first trade with Diamond King.  I sent him some vintage, and he sent me some cool dodgers cards. this is not the entire roll call, just the highlights. BTW - these are for my pc - not for trade. just wanna give some props and show my new cards !

yet another one of my ex-favorite dodgers that left us and continues to tear it up around the leagues

the bulldog ! RC !! 'nuff said

i still remember my jaw hitting the floor when i saw the news headline -PIAZZA TRADED !  i was in arlington and saw the rangers play that night. nice stadium.

card sez: FIRST dude to throw FOUR no-hitters.

besides that, homeboy had do it with the same kinda lousy run support that kershaw 'enjoys'.

 nothin like home cookin'

great piazza card. new one for me. check out piazza's hair. i used ta rock that van halen hair too...back when i had hair

one thing my new blog life has created, is the appreciation of limited number cards. i tell my old lady 'see-there's only a thousand of these' . like it's special. LOL

great card. garvey getting congratulated after a HR blast by wes parker - who was my first ever favorite dodger. who's hoarding all those wes parker cards out there?  is this pic from candlestick?

another great garvey card. love this one cuz it shows his famous popeye forearms. 
thanks again for the trade DK ! 

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