Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Grande Break and Bait Post

hey fellow bloggers and dear readers, how you doing?  Here comes some trade bait that i picked up in a group break over at nachos grande's    He runs some great breaks and you might wanna get on over to his place, as he's currently pimping out a seriously grande break with SEVEN boxes !  go sign up, and then come back to my post. nachos will be able to fill another slot, you'll be in on a great SEVEN box break, and my post will get another click when you return. it's a grande win, win, win.

my random team in the break was the oakland A's. so here's hoping there's some A's collectors out there...

let's start with a leather and lumber insert numbered 525/2499

i used to love zito's rainbow curve

these are the leather and lumber base cards

gaudy and flashy.  that diamond legacy is a very nice card in person.

it's RICKEYYY !!

not every card was tradeable. some are cool keepables...

a sweet mondi

...and i got a couple more nice nomos

diggin' this one

g'wan, get in one of nacho's breaks. you just might get one of these super cool stickers...
See you in the SEVEN box break, Nacho's !!


  1. I would take that Raines off your hands! I'm guessing I could find a Dodger for ya!

    1. cool ! i'm looking at your collecting list now to see about putting together a package for you. no worries about sending more than one Dodger. i'm just trying to get cards out to people who collect em.

  2. Man, I didn't realize David Justice played for the A's. Weird. That's like Michael Cuddyer playing for the Rockies.

    Oh, wait.

    1. LoL...and on top of all that...he was championship series mvp as a DH! who knew?

      shades of discovering rickey henderson played for almost every team i have cards for.