Friday, April 27, 2012

A Royal Trade With Random Extras On The side

hey there, fellow bloggers and cool readers.  i've been perusing y'all's trade bait pages and drumming up some trade action.  recently i got one going with josh over at royals and randoms.   i picked out some good stuff from his trade lists and then he proceeded to blow me away with some additional awesome randomness of the vintage variety.  let's see what josh sent over...

matt kemp.  nuff said.

in the year of Dodger Stadium's (TM) 50th anniversary, i gotta have this card.

i've got about 2 GQ cards from 2011. i'm fixin' on fixing that in 2012

these were at the heart of the trade.  a nice stack to get me rolling deeper into the set.  did you whipper snappers know that mickey mantle was named after mickey cochrane?  good thing he didn't inherit those ears as well. 

when we were discussing this trade, josh tells me he's got a buncha 70's vintage if i'm interested.  are you kidding?  ABSOLUTELY !!   what josh put together was a very nice tour through 70's baseball according to topps.  (this is a sampling, in no particular order...)

here's a jersey patch to remind us all that they were once the california angels

hey, marichal.  i got a message for you from my friend, johnny r. 

this year's set is full of fun cards.  how much do you think those seats back there cost? about $10 bucks?  hot dogs were probably free !

yeh, dodgers rocked 'staches too back in the day

played the best third base i EVER saw in a world series.  absolutely killed us.

i dig ANY card from this '65 set.

how about this uni ? not to mention the 'tude.

here's an addition i tossed in as an homage to super-blogger night owl's recent super-post about same name ballplayers.  here's one more for that group, buddy...nope, he don't run with mick and keith.

THANKS for an awesome trade, josh !  awesome.

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    Howdy -- I finally posted our trade on my blog.

    And congrats on the Koufax I saw in your other group break!

    -Josh D.