Thursday, April 5, 2012

ONE AND OOOOOOOOH (yehhhh !!!!)

Happy Opening Day everybody.  The good guys won !
with apologies to fellow bloggers who make witty and creative posts using cards to tell the story, and 'legitimate' sports writers, even to editors, here is my recap of today's game....

Our Ace, gettin creamed by the flu, nutted up and delivered three solid innings.  No runs, 3 K's.

The beanpole vacuum cleaner at shortstop played awesome 'D' and helped keep the score close. watch ESPN plays of the day - you'll see him.

Ethier was ROBBED in a play at the plate

Big Boy Bison deposited a 2-run homer onto the top of petco's scoreboard.

it was a solid team effort as the bullpen kept the pads at bay

in the 9th, the chicano kid outta Texas, slammed, and i mean SLAMMED the door shut, notching his first save. 
 Great job, boys ! a raised glass to the Dodger Blue on opening day - and every day.

p.s. fellow Dodger fans: my man on the inside of Dodgers Stadium tells me that the THINK BLUE sign that used to sit out in the hills just beyond the bleachers is gone !  maybe roberto, from Vin Scully is my homeboy (who was at petco watching our great win) has the scoop on this...

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