Sunday, April 22, 2012

Trade Bait from JABO's Group Break

hey everybody. happy late sunday night. hope you all had a great weekend.  as just about everybody knows, good ol' jabo is running group breaks over at his place faster than we can sign up, and that's a good thing for we who are addicted to collecting.

this break had a smattering of assorted boxes and even some original vintage packs thrown in. i got some cool Dodgers cards, but you all wanna see the trade bait, right?  it's mostly the late 90's, early 2000's cubbies that i remember watching on wgn broadcasts as harry carey called em.  they were also the favorite team of my roommate at the time.  there's a few vintage and prospect cards following the cubs...

the hawk

got a few of these kinda 3D cards

who remembers 'wild thing'?

i really like the design on these. just the right amount of shiny behind the name and around the baseballs

anybody chasing 78 topps?  here's a couple

the guy over at 'bad touch baseball' might have a good time making a prostate exam joke from this one.  the ball's gotta be in his mitt...just what business has he got back there?
here's a coupla glossy prospect cards.

it was a fun break JABO !  next jabo post will be my GQ loot...

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